Roosters Ratrod Apocalypse

October 30-31 Mount Airy, NC. Roosters Ratrod Apocalypse free style burnouts 2 wheel.and 1 wheel also I will have a spot for motorcycles / mini bike round track fun/ 2nd amendment gun shoot Friday 7 to 9/ Barbie Car down hill race/ Rooster treasure hunt to find the treasure box/ family friendly car show/ ratrods, hotrod/ gassers/ lead sleds /streetrods/ motor cycles welcome ….I hope to have a stall for the guy that wants to pop his tire / hell bring your cavalier/ this is gonna be a Halloween event also so wear your Zombie costums. Fri cost$10 Sat. $15 or for both days its $20. If your traveling to enter the roosters cockpit!!! from over 200 miles, your automatically VIP!!! there will only be a buy in for the contest! If there is one. there may just be a exhibition this first show! North Carolina had never had a car show like this one!, so if u think u can pop tires right from the get go! It’s harder than u think! and the Rooster will have a scoring card much like putt putt lol!!! the Rooster will not be in the contest but I will set the bar! and it will be high.!!! Cock-a-doodle doo! Rooster Mcgee, 116 Emmanuel Church Trail, Mount Airy, NC.

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